Hans Otto Bräutigam
State Secretary and Head of
Permanent Mission of Germany to the
GDR from 1982-1989
Berlin, Februar 2012

Read by Harun Farocki

Matthias Judt
Economic Historian
Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung
Berlin, August 2010

Reinhard Mende
Photographer of the archive with 
recordings of production situations
in People-Owned Enterprises (VEB)
and Documentation of international
Delegations at the Leipzig Fair
from 1967-1990.
Zürchau, April / June 2011

Haile Gabriel Dagne
Ethiopian Ambassador to the FRG
from 1978-1983
Addis Abeba, February 2012

Gert Günther
Advertising Director of AKA ELECTRIC from about 1969 to 1990.
Reinhard Mende, Herbert Schmidt, advertising psychologist and
political advisor of AKA ELECTRIC until 1990
Zürchau, June 2011

Peter Herbert Beyer
Chief designer of the Combine VEB
NARVA "Rosa Luxemburg" Berliner
Glühlampenwerk from 1981-1990
Leipzig, February 2012